Because life should be celebrated… and who can stop at one tiny egg?
I love chocolate.
We know dark chocolate is better for us, with higher antioxidants and more natural, but it can be hard for a lot of people to enjoy on it’s own.

I love these high protein cream filled eggs. They are more filling and the combinations of flavours make the chocolate go a longer way.

Who said you can’t enjoy your fat loss journey without chocolate or celebrating life like everyone else.


  • 1 Dark hollow easter egg
    • Filling:

    • 2 scoops vanilla yoghurt
    • 1 scoop of your favourite protein powder (salted caramel for me)
      • Chocolate sauce:

      • 1 3 tbls cacao powder
      • 1 tsp stevia
      • 1 tbls manuka honey (optional
      • 1 tbls flax oil/ coconut oil


      1. Chop the top off yoru egg
      2. Mix all other ingredients in a bowl until smooth (you can add a little water if you prefer it less thick
      3. Spoon into your egg.

      So many people have guilt around this time of year after binging on Easter eggs.
      Make yourself something you will enjoy and be SATISFIED with