This time of year can be hard on our body, less sunshine, trying to stay warm!

Our energy can drop dramatically.

Here are 5 tips to help with it:

1- Hydrate
This time of year coffee tends to be increased and water decreased. Hydration plays a big part in how we look, function and feel. To make it easier at this time of year to hydrate, try herbal tea’s instead of plain water.
My favourite’s at the moment are lemongrass and ginger and raspberry green tea. There are so many variety’s now you are sure to find one which suits your taste.

2- Sleep well
Sleep is vital for our energy. Keeping a routine is the easiest way to ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep for you. For me I notice when I have to get up earlier than 5:30 I am drained and less energetic all day, if I sleep in until after 7 my energy is also not optimal, so I know I need to wake up during this time, which means getting to bed 8 hours prior to this and trying to keep this routine everyday possible.

3- Eat raw foods
Hearty warm meals are a favorite this time of year. This means we can forget to consume raw foods. Try to slip some raw fruit and vegetables in where you can. I love spiraling raw zucchini on hearty meals as well as grating raw cabbage and carrot on top.
Salads are still something I will eat this time of year, but I add more warm meats and make sure they are nice and chock full of vegetables.
I also enjoy some fruit still available this time of year such as oranges, apples, kiwi’s and berries 😊

4- Move!
It is important to still move our bodies. It can be hard to prioritize movement this time of year, but if we don’t it will rob us of energy, an optimal immune system and start our terrible spiral downwards towards eating and craving junk foods. Don’t let it! Make sure you schedule in exercise each week!! Stay in routine and don’t let the voice in your head with hundreds of excuses win!

5- Spend some time doing the things you love
This can be spending time with people you enjoy and who make you feel good. (Negative people will drain you of more energy so be aware of this)
For me I love to explore and do active things in nature, this time of year can be a little more challenging for this as it’s dark and wet, so I make sure I plan for this at times over the day.