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About Felicity:
As someone who has struggled with body image, eating disorders, over
exercising and a destroyed metabolism because of these issues, it is my
passion to ensure I empower my clients with the correct way to exercise and
eat well.

Do you struggle to keep your body shape?

Does it feel like you only have the body you want when you do hours of
cardio a week?

Did you know you can increase your metabolism?

That’s right, you don’t have to put up with your slow metabolism your
whole life, I can teach you how to speed it up, and the best part is I
educate you WHY so you know how to keep it from slowing down again.

Do you know how much exercise is too much?

Think more is better? Most people do…. Most people’s goal is for better
health and to have better body shape. Most people exercise too much or in
the wrong way for this causing the body to start trying to store more fat
and slow your metabolism down.

Are you ready to commit to learning how to do things the right way?

This may take time, one session a month is not going to change anything. If
you really want my help, not just need it, then let’s start you on your
health and fitness journey.



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Meet the trainer

– Certificate III and IV in Fitness

– Level 1: Metabolic Precision Nutritionist

– Level 2: Metabolic Precision Body Transformation Specialist

– Level 3: Metabolic Precision Athletic Conditioning Specialist

– Master trainer

– C.H.E.K qualified- equal but not the same- considerations for training

– 10 years experience

“Throughout my life I have made many mistakes too much cardio, too many
exercises, not eating enough, not eating at the right times,

I blamed myself every time my body shape would change afterwards thinking I
needed to go harder next round.

My passion is empowering my clients to know how our body works so that you
don’t make the same mistakes I have. It should be a right everyone has to
know how their body functions and how to make themselves feel and look

I hope to help as many people as I can feel good to enjoy life and learn
lifelong lessons to pass onto their loved ones.”

Your free consultation awaits