I’ve always believed you get a better body from moving more- the more you move, the fitter you are, the better you look right? Well… there is a little more science to it than that.

If you move too much your body can start eating away at your muscle, slowing down your metabolism. So you have to get the perfect balance to sculpt the body you want. Too much training can also lead to adrenal fatigue and elevate cortisol levels up which can cause all sorts of health issues.

So I took the challenge to count and plan ALL of my movement. This was extremely difficult for me as I didn’t consider joining in my sessions as exercise, and was used to going for long runs and training twice a day.

The first week was de-load week and I wasn’t allowed to do any exercise…… this is when I realized I was ADDICTED TO CARDIO and went through withdrawals. I cried for no reason, didn’t want to leave the house, felt lethargic and was struggling mentally to keep positive towards the program.

It took a while to adjust to the new level of exercise I was doing and when I look back at it I really should have done more yoga and stress relief exercise to help me through it. (I now know how to help my clients through this)

After a month I started to get used to doing less exercise- after all who doesn’t want more time for life? I was able to spend more time on food prep and seeing family and friends. I was able to do things outside of the gym which I love and experience more in life. There was less washing and I was more organized… winning!


I’m not going to lie, my energy decreased for most of the first program I did, my hormones fluctuated and I definitely had my ups and downs, but the hardest part was cardio started to hurt a LOT more.

I wasn’t able (and still aren’t) to run like I used to, boxing hurt, the sessions I designed for  myself REALLY worked. As a competitive person it was hard to deal with getting worse at anything, but I kept mentally strong and in the end realized fitness is great, but if you can have a better body and health with a lot less work, maybe fitness isn’t the greatest goal and it’s something I can live with being good at, not great.


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