When I arrived with all my fitness equipment the girls were excited to have new props, not so excited to carry them up the stairs though.

After seeing the amazing photographs these ladies take, I allowed them to make all the decisions with my hair and make up.

I had no idea what outfit to bring, so threw a whole lot of my gym wardrobe in the car.

Once the photographer came up it was on. Straight into my first outfit, then I showed her a few exercises with the props. She was super quick to take the photo’s, a few re-positioning of the hair and within 5 mins we were onto the scary phase: THE CROP TOP AND SHORT SHORTS….


I couldn’t find the shorts I wanted so very last minute I borrowed my sisters (thanks Jess)



I came out instinctively with my arms around my stomach and told the photographer she might have to photo shop in a smile on these ones.

We started with a few shots with the props, which made me feel a little more within my comfort zone, then the props got taken away- it kind of felt like a bunny rabbit in a headlight. I’m sure my expressions were really awkward and not flattering at all, but Kelly still managed to grab a few shots she was happy with (thank god for good photographers, I can’t even take photo’s getting the eyes timed right, let alone when an awkward face is looking pretty)



My favourite prop- the freeform board which my abs were still sore from using the day before



Compliments are hard for me to take as I used to think anyone who complimented on looks had an alternative motive. I used to get quite angry with anyone who would do so and put up barriers straight away. I am much better now and have learnt to accept them, but I can still feel when I am vulnerable complements make me feel awkward.

I was directed well though and the band aid was ripped off very fast, the shots didn’t take long at all and she only took a few of each position (I was expecting a lot more shots needed to be taken)



My bathers I wore to compare to the first pair at the start of my transformation




Matt took a quick selfie in between the bathers and the dressy shots. By this stage I was relaxed and having fun with it.


We did a fun shoot at the end themed dressy instead of fitness, then it was all over.



My high waisted skirt and crop, my favourite out of the shoots.


I don’t wear heels very often these days, I bought these in America and love them, but they do make me tower over most people



I view the photo’s this Wednesday, stay tuned for when I will receive them.


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