Why do we feel we have to miss out to strip our body fat?

When I was younger- less educated and thought a “diet” was the only way to strip my fat, I would miss out ALL the time.

I would avoid socializing, trying new things and most of the time if I did catch up with friends for dinner, I would have a meal before I left and get the safest, smallest thing on the menu.

The times I would go out and have too many drinks and hate myself for it for day’s after.
At one stage I would always look forward to Friday night drinks- a way for me to de-stress and fell good- but after 2 drinks the stress and side effects it had on my body for DAYS to come was far from worth it.

These day’s when I go out with friends, I have a couple of glasses of quality red wine, and never feel guilty for it.
As for the cocktails- I have altered version of them almost daily. My smoothies are delicious dessert like drinks which help strip my fat, assist my recovery and make me feel good (plus they taste damn good!)

I am so glad I now have so much balance and FEEL GOOD 24/7.

I love life- not just the weekends, but every day.

Here is my immune boosting pina colada I enjoyed this week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:


  • 1/4 pinapple flesh cut into chunks
  • 1 scoop coconut/ vanilla protein powder
  • 50g chobani coconut yogurt
  • 1 tsp flax oil
  • 1/4 cup ice


  1. place ingredients in blender and top with water
  2. Blend, serve in a margarita glass with a slice of pinapple on the side of the glassk
  3. Enjoy 😁