Amy - Before

AMY - After

When Amy first started she had not lifted any weights before. She her had played netball and tried a few fad diets, but nothing worked very well. She was waking up tired, lacking energy throughout the day and craving high energy foods at 3pm.

When she first started lifting weights her whole perception changed on loosing weight. She realised muscle is important not only for improving your energy levels, correcting your posture and making you strong for everyday life activities, but it is the cornerstone for increasing your metabolism. What Amy didn’t know was that every time she had been on a diet and successfully lost weight in the past, the body would slow it’s metabolism down as a self defense mechanism to store fat. It thinks you are starving and may be coming into a famine. Once she realised the way to reverse this was to slowly increase your calories with the right foods and increase your muscle mass, life became easier to keep the body shape she wanted.


Amy is now such an inspiration to the other clients at Vikara, her strength has increased dramatically, but it took time and dedication. Well done Amy, I am so proud of your efforts and to have you as part of our Vikara community



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