Danni before

Danni after 9 months

DANNI - Before and After shots

Week 1

I messed up the times to my sessions, I turned up late after a call from Flick and was so flustered I cried. I was so devastated, I had been looking forward to this for so many weeks and had shifted work shifts and babysitting around the wrong times.

Everyone else is lifting a lot of weight, and I am holding a wooden stick, I feel like I’m not going to get anywhere- having previously playing hockey for Australia I thought I was strong, and this is making me feel useless.

Week 2

My lower back was sore after I had a big night out for my 30th birthday and spent 2 days sick on the couch. Feeling old and realizing I can’t party like I used to. I had to miss my deadlifts, it was a big eye opener to how much everything can effect the program and my progress. It’s clear this has to be a lifestyle change!

Week 3

My lower back feels good, I managed 20 reps of squats with the 20kg bar (yay!), increased in everything and feeling strong. I did a plank at the end of the first session, feeling determined.

Feeling worried, how am I going to fit 6 meals in, when I’m so time poor and can’t sit by myself for 10 mins at the moment!!

Week 4

Down to 10 reps for my weights!!

I went up 15kg up in my squats from last week… called my mum on the way home to tell her as I was so excited.

Found my soul mate… and it’s banana protein powder!!! Pretty excited to be able to have this daily!!

Week 5

This week I hit 2mins on my plank for the first time- this was massive for me, starting to realise I can achieve so much more than I thought.

I found a way to get my 6th meal in, and it’s with pancakes!! Unbelievable!! Who would have thought this was going to increase my fatloss!

Week 6

We did our remeasures! I felt sick before hand, I was dreading it, not only am I petrified of showing any skin and having a camera pointed at me, but I didn’t think I had changed at all.

When Flick showed me the results and told me I had lost 25.5cm, I couldn’t believe it,

I called my sister and convinced her she needed to do this- I want everyone I care about to experience the benefits!!

Week 7

My sister (Bec) found a trainer in WA and she is super excited to start. I am really excited for her because I want her to feel as good as what I am feeling. More energy, stronger, more confident, starting to get out of bed easier, life in general is feeling better!

Week 8

After receiving an open invitation to try out for the Victoria’s woman hockey team, I have decided this is something I really want to achieve. After not playing, representative hockey for 13 years, I knew it would be hard, but wanted this for myself. I have given up so much as a mum and a partner, I want to prove to myself that I can still do it.

Week 9

I received news that I had been selected for the Victorian team… Feeling super proud of myself, but also a little anxious! This is going to be hard, and Flick has explained how much harder it is for my training, but I’m super determined I can do it and still progress in my transformation goal.

Week 10

After Deegan jumped on my knee and smashed it laterally, I had to alter the program, and take out split squats (no complaints here)

Feeling worried this is going to effect both my program and my Hockey nationals journey.

Week 11

My shoulder is in excruciating pain and I had to miss dips and squats, I have made ANOTHER appointment with the physio.

I am going away for a trip to Sydney this week and know how to prepare myself thanks to the nutrition session we had. I will be packing individual sachets of protein powder, greens powder and chia seeds for on the go meals if I don’t have anything available and to keep on track with my 6 meals.

Week 12

After seeing the physio I have an altered program, but… feeling proud, I achieved all my goals, with a deadlift of 80kg for 6 reps, a squat for 62.5kg and more energetic and more confident than ever.

How do you feel at the end of these 12 weeks?

“I feel like I have gained crazy amounts of knowledge before this I thought eating healthy was eating rabbit food and having sparse food. It’s not like that at all, I eat more than I ever have, and I enjoy more than I ever have. I have a hugely better relationship with food.

I have realised that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing to survive another pregnancy, which I hope to begin by December.

I have a wave of confidence I haven’t’ felt since I was a teenager. During my Sydney trip I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflective mirror, and for the first time didn’t hate it. I bought a top from Cue- I’ve always loved the style of the brand, but I never thought I would have fit into it. I always walked past the shop slowly to admire the clothes, but never saw myself in them. It was a pretty amazing feeling when I was dragged into the shop to try a top on and to my surprise it actually fit.”



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