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Jacinta’s story

When Jacinta first started with me she was fighting depression and wanted an increase in energy. She knew exercise made her feel better and wanted to do something to help herself.

She had a lot of ups and downs during the program, her digestion was weak and she had to learn how to listen to her body to find foods which nourished her in the right way without upsetting her gut health.

She persisted and the results speak for them self- congratulations Jacinta, I couldn`t be more proud of your transformation of not only your body, but mind and lifestyle.

“When I was first told about Metabolic Precision I was apprehensive to say the least, I thought what everybody thinks- how can I lose weight eating more and exercising less?. My first few weeks were a roller coaster; I had trouble maintaining the nutrition and the training was not what I was used to.”

“After the initial change, it started to get easier and eventually became second nature, my strength increased enormously and my meals were on track. I started off MP as an ‘average joe’ stuck in the same rut, with a shoulder injury and minimal strength. Today, only 10weeks since I started, I am stronger, happier and healthier than I ever have been. MP has helped me lose 7kg, decrease my body fat percentage by over 5%, reduced my waist by 14cm, and increased my strength to the point where I can now lift more than my own weight.

In just 10 weeks I have managed to reach and improve on each of my 12 week goals and I owe it all to MP and my amazing trainer, Flick.

Metabolic Precision was the best decision I have ever made and I wouldn’t look back, it’s not a diet, it’s a new lifestyle and would recommend the 12 week program to anyone looking to improve on themselves.”

After her initial program she continued on and the results got better and better:

Jacinta at day 1 and after 3 programs (9 months)


Jacinta Stanton

Jacinta before and after 3 programs


Jacinta – before


Jacinta – after

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