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From drug addict to national obstacle racer




Juzz's journey

From drug addict to national obstacle course racer

When Juzz first started at Vikara he was trying to improve his lifestyle and put his health first.

He had no energy throughout the day, would crave sugar all day long and would crash at 3pm, sometimes almost falling asleep at the wheel.

He let exercise become his new addiction and instantly started feeling the benefits- more energy, improved mood and a new self love and respect for his body.

It wasn’t all easy, there were plenty of times where it felt too hard and he thought about giving up, but with the support of the new friends he had made at Vikara, he knew how much better he felt when after a session and missed everyone when he didn’t make a session.


After a new found love for exercise I suggested he do an obstacle race with me (Tough Mudder).

He fell in love with the challenging sport and it started a new obsession. We designed his training around sport and he began to increase his performance through his new found sport.

This was at Lake Mountain, he passed out and wasn’t able to complete the race. It was at this point he finally listened to me and addressed his nutrition also.


The next time he competed at Lake Mountain he came first. He continued to improved and holds a place in the top national ranking.

He is now more energetic than anyone I know, his mood is always positive and everyone comments on it. Well done Juzz, I’m so proud of the change you have made and it has been a privilege to watch you transform.

Here are a few words from Juzz during his early training sessions:

”Since going to Vikara I have seen amazing results both physically and mentally, not only in myself but in the others who attend the classes as well.
In I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise) classes we focus on core, balance, flexibility and strength; I have gone from 30 second core holds to 3.5 minute core holds and have seen significant improvement in my overall physique.

Felicity has taught me how to become more in tune and aware of my bodies strengths and weaknesses as well as being consistent with my diet and eating habits through her nutritional coaching and advice. Felicity continuously monitors my technique and behaviours and assists and guides me in making improvements through her functional training methods, to ensure I’m not repeating the same mistakes.

I have not received this type of one on one support and encouragement through other group training before – Felicity really takes pride in what she does, and she does it well. Very encouraging and motivating! I coldn’t recommend her enough!”

Juzz Scott

Member- Vikara Body Transformations