RESULTS - Patrick before and after

52 and never felt better


I have been regularly exercising and active for nearly 40 years, but I can tell you that I’ve never felt fitter and stronger than what I feel now.

I have trained with Felicity from Vikara for the last 7 months.

Her knowledge and expertise in strength training and nutrition has help me transform my shape, strength and the way I feel.My training has changed where I do less cardio, more strength training and eat better and more importantly eat at the right times.

I still manage to run lots of marathons.

This week will be my 5th marathon or longer in 6months. I also have a lot more energy to get me through my long busy physical days in my job as a remedial massage therapist.

Felicity is motivating, accepts no excuses (nicely) and carefully watches your form and every detail.

It may be one foot is on the wrong angle, where it reduces your ability to push with your heels. She will observe and correct it.

I highly recommend Felicity to anyone who is serious to changing their
life into a healthier, fitter, stronger person they wish to be.

Thank you for you work to date Felicity and look forward to a long term
health & fitness relationship with you.

Patrick Herft




Patrick – before and after

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