From self conscious to sexy dress in 12 weeks

Meet Shezz Cadd.



Shezz went out Saturday night smoking hot in her new dress, something she has not been comfortable enough to do since high school.

“Having more confidence makes absolutely everything in life 100% better”

Shezz lost 73.3cm all over from the 12 week program.
Let’s rewind 13 weeks to before she started.
Shezz came to me as she had been exercising flat out for a couple of years and had put on MORE WEIGHT- very common with overtraining your metabolism. She was doing 4-5 sessions of intense cardio a week and no structured or progressive strength training.

“My metabolism was shot as I only ate once and twice a day and it was time to learn about when and what to feed my body”
Shezz is a busy chef and had challenges with eating at work “chef’s don’t eat at work even though we are around food all day. Making time to make my meals/liquid meals has been challenging and still on a busy Sunday I just don’t get there, but if I try my hardest when I’m not too busy it’s better than I have ever been able to manage in the past.”

For the last 12 weeks Shezz has been training less and eating more, she has been educated how to make food work for her and understands what she needs to eat to help her recover and feel good. So how does she feel now?

“I’m feeling the strongest I have ever before, especially in my back after injuring it 7 years ago. The nutrition knowledge is somethingeveryone should learn and carry through life!”
“I sleep like a legend now and wake up feeling great, but mostly my faith has been restored in exercise, feeling good and given me confidence again”
“I do have a sweet tooth but I haven’t had the urge for months to snack on crap for no reason. Honestly to get results and feel the way I feel now, and week by wekk, that is well and truly enough to keep ones motivation. By the second week I could already start seeing and feeling the differences, I had no cravings for anything after dinner- ie icecream as I’d have my chocolate liquid meal and that would do me.”


Shezz’s top 5 tips for transformation:

1.       Stop doing so much cardio
Shezz hasn’t done cardio for longer than 30 mins twice a week since she started the program. Cardio can decrease your metabolism making it harder to strip fat long term.

2.       Do weights
Muscle is the foundation of your metabolism, without muscle not only does it make it very difficult to strip fat, but your energy and health can suffer. Muscle can make you look and feel younger.

3.       Eat lot’s of meat, veg and fish
The more food you eat of the right kind, the more energy you will have. It is near impossible to stay motivated when you are starving your body of calories and nutrients. This will not only sabotage your workout compliance, but will also make life hard as you won’t have energy or stamina to live life to the fullest.

4.       Stop eating high energy carbs at the wrong time
A lot of people think eating cereal or toast for breakfast is a healthy option- but truth be told there is not a lot of protein or nutrients which are what you need to increase your metabolism. Everyone know’s that bread is high energy, but did you banana’s are? What do you think pumpkin is? Nope. How about sweet potatoe? Yep.  It can get confusing, but not when you understand not only high gi foods, but hi gl- that is taking into consideration the amount of the food you would have to consume to raise your insulin levels too high. Also understanding that a food can be low gi if a lot of fat has been added to it, this doesn’t mean it is healthy for you.

Have you lost weight from a diet before? How long were you able to keep it off? Want to know why it came back? It wasn’t you, it was your metabolism fighting against it thinking it was starving.

It has changed my life more than most people will know and has made me excited for my future again”

Shezz Cadd

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