Jacinta at day 1 and after 3 programs

Jacinta didn’t think she would ever be as strong as what she currently is now.

When she first started she was just doing body weighted movements to get her body used to the correct movements and then progressed with small dumbbells, which we then gradually continued to increase over time.

Jacinta, like all our F.I.R.E clients had a dramatic improvement over her body shape. It made her physical job easier and movement in everyday life was improved. She now has a love for lifting weights and finds it easy to keep in her routine. Well done Jacinta, I am so proud of you.



F.I.R.E. is Focused Intense Resistance Exercise.

This program shows rapid improvements in body shape.

F.I.R.E. is scientifically proven to strip fat, increase range of movement, decrease injuries and improve health, how…?

Because it can increase your metabolism.

Did you know you could change your slow metabolism??? So many people think they can not improve their metabolism, but we have the science to prove that wrong, and get you the body shape you want.

F.I.R.E. also improves your athletic ability, want to run faster? Jump higher?? Last longer??

By building up your strength base you can help all of these things also, making your sport easier and life in general better.


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