Our 12 week challenge is an educational program, teaching you what to eat, when and why.
Done diets before? Wonder why they haven’t worked?

It’s not you, it’s them! Expectations are why people fail to stick to diets. When we start a restrictive diet expecting that it’s the fastest path to weight loss, but how long can we last on this? A few months? Then what?

Restrictive diets are not helpful and often lead us to putting on more weight in the future than we lost. This is because our body has a self defense mechanism in place which slows the metabolism when it thinks it is starving; it doesn’t want to burn excess energy in case you’re going through a time when food is scarce. Then, when you start eating normally again, the body clings on to the calories, thinking that it might not be long before the next hunger strike starts. This is why you end up craving sweets and packaged foods because your body is desperate for fast energy.

Sustainable weight loss is all about creating patterns for your body that aren’t restrictive, and that you can continue over the long term. It’s about increasing your intake of nutritionally rich foods. With a stable, balanced diet and a considered approach to nutrition, you can reach your specific health and fitness goals… FOREVER.


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A long-term approach based on dietician research

Educate yourself to look after your body composition LONG TERM and not just over 12 weeks. Learn the tools, plans and structures you need to feel confident in your food choices, menu planning and nutritional intake so you don’t just achieve your goal weight, but you feel fantastic doing so.

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